1830 Lincoln County Tennesssee Tax Records

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1830 Tax List of Lincoln County Tennessee
Unpublished Records of Lincoln Co. TN
Southern Historical Press 1993
This section of the book is written by R. Timothy and Helen C. Marsh.
The introduction says the tax list was transcribed from an old Lincoln Co. tax book 1829-1832, now preserved in the Tennessee State Archives in Nashville and represents the earliest list of taxable persons available for this area. It includes a Captains Map (more info later) which provides a general idea of where the people were within the county. This map was drawn by the authors. The system of Captains Companies was used in the county from 1809-1836. Portions of this list are in Marshall and Moore Counties.

Additional info from other sources about the Captains Companies
A Genealogy Miscellany Henderson County (TN) III
Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Early Henderson County Justices of the Peace
Tennessee counties were divided into Captain's Districts from 1796-1836. They were called Captain's Districts because militia captains presided over companies within their geographical borders.

Additional Information from the 1830 Tax List reference
Captain William Polston's Company 
Note: a William Polston was the captain. The map (maps/capmaps.jpg) drawn by the author (current day author of the book) shows his last name as Paulston, however the list shows it as Polston.

The list (maps/croster.jpg) alphabetically enumerates about 65 men within the district by name, including:

Willis A. Poulston
John D. Poulston
William Poulston
Josiah Norwood
None of the Paulston families are shown as owning land.

It is possible the William Poulston on the roster is the same person as Captain William Polston / Captain William Paulston ?

Note, Josiah Norwood is probably the Josiah Norwood who immigrates to Washington County Arkansas an eventually marries Mary Henrietta Polson (a possible sister of William Polston the earliest progenitor listed on our Polson Family History Page ).

Interstingly, one of the other Captains was Captain James Rorex. One of William Polston and Lucy Davis Polson's daughters ( Sarah Polson b. 23 May 1821 at Pulaski in Clinton Co. KY (or in Giles Co. TN)) ends up marrying a Samuel Rorex on 2 Nov. 1848 near Pulaski TN. William Polston and Lucy Davis Polston are possible parents of William Polston, the subject of this entire study. Captain James Rorex's Company enumerated several other Rorex males including: Martin & Rorex (probably two males living together), David Rorex, Rorex & Buchanan (perhaps two more males living together) and James Rorex. All the Rorex's were in an area called Norris Creek. As you can see in the map, Captain Paulston's Company was "caddy cornered" to Captain Rorex's Company along Captain Paulston's south east border (meaning the companies were quite close.

Samuel Rorex (husband of Sarah Polston) was born 22 Nov. 1809 in or near Pulaski TN or Rowan TN. He died 15 Aug 1896 in Jackson Co. Alabama. His parents were William Rorex and Mary Polly Keys. Mary Polly Keys/Rorex died in Jackson Co. AL. More information the Rorex family is near the bottom our our Issac Poulton Page.

Other allied families that made the Lincoln County TN to Prarie Grove Arkansas and later to Deleware County Oklahoma include: Stevenson, Norwood, Hardy, Moores? Several of them appear on the Captains Companies rosters.

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