Genealogy of the Founding Families of the
Farmington Ebenezer Methodist Church,

Farmington Arkansas, Founded 1833

Note! This page is part of a much larger Polson family history.

It covers the development of a large chart showing the genealogy of several families that formed the Farmington Methodist Church in Farmington Arkansas and provides the chart as a downloadable document.

The text below comes from Washington County History. (Springdale: Shiloh Museum, 1989.). I found the book in the Tulsa Public Library Genealogy collection.

The Farmington Ebenezer Methodist Church was organized in 1833. Five Couples: Josiah and Sarah Trent, William and Matilda Woodruff, William and Elizabeth Polson, Samuel and Matilda Woolsey and James and Jane Kinnibrugh met and decided to build a church.

A building plot was offered by the Kinnibrugh and a small log building was erected with one door and a window. Split log benches and one song book Mrs. Kinnibrugh brought from Virginia. The singing was read line by line and led by the song leader. A Circuit Rider came one each month for services or Memorial service for those who died during the month.

In 1850 they moved to a larger building donated by Andrew Allen. In 1891 W.H. and Isabella Kinnibrugh Engles offered the present location on White Street for the church and parsonage building. A white frame building with a bell tower was erected. The building had a twenty-five foot ceiling, ten cathedral type windows and a Memorial window on the front with names of the founders of the church.

The article includes three more paragraphs about the church in more modern days. The history of this church was provided in 1987 by Russell Broyles a descendant of the Kennibrugh family and includes a photo of the Farmington Methodist Church.

Genealogy Chart for the Founding Families

We took the information provided by the article above, information from our own family history, and did additional research to produce a very large Genealogy Chart in Adobe Acrobat format titled,

Genealogy of the Five Founding Families of the Farmington Ebenezer Methodist Church.

The families listed on the chart include: Wooley, Trent, Polson, Ferguson, Woodruff, Kinnibrugh, Engels, English, Hunter, Allen, Clark, Moore, Bell and Rivers.

The chart was originally produced with Microsoft Publisher and then converted to Adobe. If someone needs a higher quality document, we can supply it in Microsoft Publisher format.

The chart is so large it is difficult to view on a computer. Here in Stillwater OK, Kinkos will print them off in black and white for $3 to $4 apiece. I suggest you download the file to a floppy disk, carry it to a local Kinkos, have them print it (24 X 36 inches in black and white) and tape it to a large piece of cardboard like I did.

Note, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, the chart is not finished, has a few minor "boo boos" on it and even has some lines I am using to try to keep things squared up, but I think those doing genealogy on these families will still find it very captivating. As the chart states, I am pretty sure of the relationships, but many of the dates have been taken from the internet and other sources. I suspect several of the dates are a little off, but the relationships and general dates should provide a great place to begin more work in this area.

I welcome any comments, suggestions and corrections you may have for the chart. Please send them to

Origins of "The Chart"

While searching for more information about my ancestors (William Polson and and Elizabeth Ferguson/Polson), I came across an 1826 will for Edward Ferguson of Sumner County Tennessee listing his children including Tildy Woodruff and Elizabeth Ferguson. My interest was initially in Elizabeth Ferguson who appears to be in the right area and age to be my Elizabeth Ferguson, then it "clicked", Tildy Woodruff is Matilda Woodruff, wife of William Woodruff, one of the founding families of the Farmington Ebenezer Methodist Church. (I have since proven that Tildy is in fact Matilda, this is not just a whim). William Polson's wife Elizabeth and William Woodruff's wife Matilda are sisters. (I have not 100 percent proven William Polson's Elizabeth is Matilda's sister Elizabeth, but dates, places and many other things point to it) That tie helped bring these two families west together. Several of these families, like many other families in Washington County Arkansas have roots in Lincoln County Tennessee. As I began to establish more ties between the families, I started trying to chart them on a piece of paper and the paper kept getting bigger. Now I have moved on to a 24 X 36 inch Microsoft Publisher poster I tape onto a piece of carboard so I can view it all at once.

Additional records and photographs of church can be found in the Engles-Kinnibrugh papers at the University of Arkansas.

It sounds like the original church was converted into the Hawthorne School, per this item listed in the papers:

1. Hawthorne School, Farmington, Arkansas, ca. 1908. Outdoor view of a log structure with an unidentified man standing to the left. "Beulah T. Isabella, the remains of the First Ebeneezer Methodist Church, 1833," written on verso. 4" x 5" on matteboard.

Personal Revelations

This activity allowed me to find the parents of my Elizabeth Feguson and several of her siblings and has led to a greater understanding (and posed a few more questions) concerning how and why these and other families seemed to move along together from Virginia? to Tennessee to Washington Country Arkansas and some on to Delaware County Oklahoma. I am working on a similar project involving several other families in Lincoln County Tennessee and Washington County Arkansas with ties to the Polson family hoping for (and already receiving) some further insights into my family.


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