History of the Immediate Family of

William Polson / William Polston / William G. Polson and Elizabeth Ferguson

. 1800-1896

by Gary Polson
Stillwater OK
Last Update 14 July 2003

This site is devoted to publishing information about the immediate family of William Polson and Elizabeth Ferguson. William Polson spelled his name, William Polston till he was middle aged. He even shows up a few times as a young man in Tennesssee as William Poulson. If you have any information, documents or photos about William G Polson and Elizabeth Ferguson, their parents or their children to share with us, please send them to polsong@virtualpet.com. At this time, we are only covering their immediate descendants, not the extended family.

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Brief Family Overview

The Parents
William G. (Greer?) Polson. was born about 1803 in Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Feguson (b. 18 Sept. 1808 in Tennessee) and they raised a family of six boys and three girls. They started their family in Lincoln County Tennessee and raised most of their children in Washington Country Arkansas. William G. died about 1851 Washington County AR. Eliazabeth died 17 January 1896 and is in buried Prairie Grove Cemetery, Prairie Grove AR. Many of their descendants settled in Arkansas and northeast Oklahoma / Indian Territory. Several married Cherokees in the area.

Their children were:

  • William Davis Polson, b. 3 Dec. 1830 Lincoln County TN.

  • John W. Polson, b. 19 Feb. 1833 Lincoln County TN.

  • Willis F. Polson, b. 1835 TN/AR.

  • Jasper A. Polson, b. 31 Dec. 1839.

  • Mary Ann Polson, b. 5 Feb 1841 AR.

  • Eliza Polson, b. 1842 AR.

  • Jane Polson, b. 1844 AR.

  • James N. Polson, b. 10 Aug 1845 AR

  • Charles "Henry" Polson, b. 1848 AR.


    Many members of the Polson family are buried in the cemeteries below.

    1. Polson Cemetery, Southwest City MO
    2. Prairie Grove Cemetery, Prairie Grove AR
    3. Farmington Cemetery, Farmington AR
    4. Welch Cemetery, Welch OK

    Some Very Common First and Middle Names in the Family (and in the allied families)

    1. William
    2. Henry
    3. Flora
    4. Norwood
    5. Phoebe
    6. Willis
    7. Moores

    Some Allied Families they lived near and/or often cross married among each other

    1. Norwood
    2. Stevenson
    3. Hardy
    4. Moores
    5. Givens
    6. Davis?


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    Below are references to some of the more general and colorful records of this family

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