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Oklahoma Renewable Energy Technologies Support Portal is a collection of resources to assist researchers, engineers, contractors and planners developing and deploying renewable energy projects in Oklahoma. It provides easy access to Oklahoma, National and International sources for renewable energy information.


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  • Resources Covering Multiple Renewable Energy Sources
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Hydropower
  • Internationally, small-scale hydropower is currently receiving considerable attention.

  • Fuel Cells
  • At this moment, Oklahoma appears to have minimal to no involvement with fuel cell development. The links below provide some basic coverage of the industry. Two potential ties are apparent. First, some fuel cells use natual gas, a prevalent resource in Oklahoma. Second, fuel cells are emerging as a possible power source for ground source heat pumps. GSHPs can use them to power circulation pumps and fans. Fuel cells generate heat in addition to electricity. GSHP can easily recover this heat and use it to generate hot water or to heat the loop.

  • Biomass / Biobased Fuels
  • Wind Power
  • Native American Renewable Energy Development
  • Regulations / Regulatory Agencies
  • Oklahoma Energy Efficiency Initiatives
  • Biological Surveys and Archeological Investigations
  • Energy Production and Consumption
  • Fossil Fuels - Oil, Gas and Coal
  • These sites provide basic information on fossil fuels and producing energy production from them. The information may be helpful for making comparisons with renewable sources.

  • Primary Sources of Research Funding
  • Federal 2003 Energy Bill
  • EDGE
  • Miscellaneous Links
  • Unit Conversions

       One killowatt (kw) = 1.341 horsepower
       One killowatt =  0.948 Btu/sec 
       One killowatt = 3,413 Btu/hr 
       One Megawatt (MW) = 1,000 killowatts
       One Horsepower (hp) = 0.7455 killowatt 
       One Horsepower =  0.707 Btu/sec  or 42.41 Btu/min  or 2,545 Btu/hr 
       One Btu/sec = 1.055 killowatts
       One Btu/sec = 1.415 horsepower 

    Green Products and Building Design

    Most of the comments and resourcs in this section are from:
    Green: a State of Mind
    Consulting-Specifying Engineer
    Oct 2003
    Pgs. 52-56

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