Services & Fees
We provide extensive invention and new product development services including new product evaluations, marketing, legal, patent  and technical  research services. We can help you verify the uniqueness of your new product and maximize its Potential For Success (PFS) in the marketplace. Our customers are predominately startups, established firms and technology commercialization organizations. We also assist a few independent inventors who have progressed to the point they are willing to invest significant time and money in their invention.

  Market Research
We provide market information necessary for new product development, supporting new products, making business decisions and preparing business plans. Our Typical Market Research Project Page represents the type of work we are often asked to perform in this area. Technology Support Portals are one of our services in this area. They provide our clients with easy online access to market research information for their specific situation.

  Technical Research
We provide in-depth analysis of developing technologies, provide technology alerts and assist in applying existing knowledge to product design, safety and manufacturing problems. Technology Support Portals and Technology Scouting Reports are among our services in this area. They empower our clients with easy online access to information to help them make decisions and solve problems in developing, commercializing and marketing their specific new products and technologies.

  Technology Transfer
We assist in applying existing knowledge to eliminate or reduce objections of potential licensees and purchasers to new products and technologies.

  Patent Research
We provide a broad range of patent search services from a very quick initial check for uniqueness to in-depth searches of U.S. and foreign patents. We use patent databases to provide information on the "state of the art" of a particular technology and produce patent citation maps and other tools to aid in the  visualization of patent data.

  Legal Research
We investigate product liability risk levels for specific industries and products. We also provide general legal research services.

  Competitive Intelligence Services
We monitor your competitors and their products in new or existing or industries.

  Web Site Review Services
We review web sites, offer suggestions and suggest benchmarking sites for your applications.

Normally, job completion time is estimated and the job is quoted at $100/hour for research time plus expenses. We accept purchase orders, checks, Master Card, Visa and PayPal. Payment is in U.S. dollars. We can arrange payment methods for firms outside the USA.

Expenses are usually less than 12% of the bill. Typical expenses are database access fees, purchased reports, mileage, telephone & fax charges, copying & binding expenses, postage, freight charges, overnight shipping charges, ink jet cartridges, paper and travel expenses.

  Non Disclosure Agreement
We frequently sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Some companies have their own, others use ours, sometimes we combine portions of the agreements, sometimes we create a new one based on the situation. We have a generic Non Disclosure Agreement that contains the basic elements we look for in an agreement. Some companies use several pages to spell out the details, others use a generic agreement like ours. Some want the agreement sent by courier for signing, others are happy with a fax signature. We are very flexible in creating an NDA agreement that protects both parties.