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Newspaper Help Wanted Ads (Classified Ads) for Jobs in Stillwater

  • Stillwater Newspress, select the classified section. You can also purchase a copy of the most recent edition of the Newspress at their office, 211 West 9th. Their Sunday printed edition contains the most extensive listing of job openings.

  • Daily O'Collegian, the OSU student newspaper also posts job openings in its classified ads. Select "Daily", then select "Classifieds".

Major Area Employers Posting Job Openings on the Net in Stillwater

  • Armstrong flooring company on north Perkins Road. Select "Careers" from tabs at top of screen.

  • Career Tech State Career Tech (Vo-Tech) Headquarters at 1500 W. 7th Street

  • City of Stillwater select the employment tab near top middle of screen

  • Creative Labs (computer component phone tech service in Cimmaron Plaza. They provide part time and full time employment for many"student types, plus special opportunities for those speaking a second language. Pick "Corporate", then "Careers"

  • Ditch Witch (in Perry), underground utility equipment manufacturer. Select "Corporate", then select "Careers"

  • Eskimo Joe's Select Jobs @ Joes from tab at left

  • Fluid Technologies Fluid Technologies tests hydraulic components, filters and fluids. Select "Jobs" tab at top right

  • Frontier Electronics Systems Corporation select "Employment" from left menu

  • Interworks (computer networking, software, internet marketing) select "About Us" at top left, then select "Careers" at top right.

  • Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma headquarters in Perkins plus the Cimarron Casino in Perkins)

  • Janzen Toyota car dealership

  • Kicker automotive stereo manufacturer. Select "Corporate" at top, then select "Jobs"

  • Mercury MerCruiser Select "Search Open Positions" at left, as Company, then select location as Mercury Marine, then click on "Search". Note MerCruiser also frequently hires temps (temporary workers) through Westaff

  • Meridian Technology (Career Tech / VoTech) Click on "About Us", then Mouse Over "About Us", then click on "Job Board"

  • Nomadics (now ICX Technologies Nomadics is an R&D firm primarily developing electronic products for the military. Select "Careers" at bottom of screen. Jobs are grouped by type then sorted by city.

  • Ocean Dental provide dental care for kids and young adults. National Offices are in Stillwater. Select "Employment" at left, then pick the Stillwater Corporate location, the Stillwater Dental office, or the Stillwater Call Center.

  • OSU Job Openings Select "Employment Opportunities", then "Online Job Listings/Application", then select the type of job your are interested in. Many of these positions will require you to take a typing test. Additional information is available at 106 Whitehurst Hall. Once you file a basic application, you can then direct it to the specific job openings you are interested in. If you do not have access to a computer, you can access one at 106 Whitehurst Hall. OSU Human Resources also has a basic brochure about Employment with Oklahoma State University.

  • Payne County Expo Center (fairgrounds east of town) select "Employment" in tabs at top

  • Quebecor They are a very large printing operation north of town formerly known as Oberlin World Color Press. Locally they are sometimes looking for people who want to work hard at jobs that are pretty physically demanding. Nice job for those with a strong back and a willingness to work. Not for the faint of heart. Select "Welcome", then select "Careers", then select "Job Openings", then enter "Stillwater" in city search block and click on "Search".

  • Ren Corporation manufactures hydraulic test equipment south of town. Select "Employment". If they have no job openings, you may not see an "Employment" link.

  • Stillwater National Bank select "About SNB" near top right, then select "Careers" from tabs at left, then select "Job Postings"

  • SuddenLink cable provider. Select "Careers" at bottom, then select red "Search Jobs" box, then pick "OK - Stillwater" in the locations list, then click on the green search button.

  • Stillwater Medical Center in addition to health care professionals, they hire all types of employees to keep their large operation going

  • Stillwater YMCA select "Opportunities" in very top right corner

  • The Links large apartment complex north of town. Select "Career Opportunities" tab near top right

  • Tumbleweed large bar west of town. Select "Click to Enter" at bottom, in lower right corner. They often hire help for special events.

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Job Agencies in Stillwater Oklahoma

We have several local Employment Agencies providing a range of temporary and full time employment positions.

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Stillwater Oklahoma has several military recruiter offices

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