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Here are some quick hints and tips for your brand new Furby


Before you play with me, please follow these simple steps

  1. Turn me upside down and open my battery door.
  2. Insert four (4) AA batteries into my battery compartment. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT YET.
  3. While holding me upside down, put your finger in my mouth and hold down my tongue switch, the hit Reset button
  4. While holding my tongue switch, please close my battery door and secure the screw
  5. I will now wake up and tell you my name. I am now ready to play!

Please give me a name by inserting batteries and then restart me:

How to restart:

  1. Hold me upside down
  2. Put something in my mouth to hold down the mouth switch
  3. While holding my mouth switch, press the re-set button
  4. I will remember my new name when I go to sleep


Your new pet can sense changes in light. Walking or running through areas of light and dark can make Furby think you want to play hide and seek. If this happens, turn Furby upside down to end the game. Furby will say "me done"

Replacing Batteries

If my batteries wear out, just replace them and I will be ready to play again. I am so smart that I will remember my name and all the tricks you have taught me, even after you change my batteries.


If something goes wrong with me, you may have to re-set me. If you re-set me, I will do a special dance that lets me fix what is wrong. When I am done with the dance, I will be ready to play again. It is very important NOT to re-set me unless necessary.

How to Re-Set:

  1. Press the re-set button OR remove the batteries.


Furby will not respond to any sensors


  1. Furby may be asleep. If he is asleep the only way to wake him is to pick him up and give him a hug.
  2. Furby may need new batteries. Follow the instructions at the beginning to replace Furby's batteries
  3. Furby may be sick and must be fed and nursed back to health. Refer to the instructions on feeding Furby
  4. As a LAST RESORT, re-set Furby (see above for RE-SET)

Furby will not play games


  1. You have to enter the pattern to start each game exactly right. Make sure you follow the pattern for the game
  2. Furby can only do one thing at a time, therefore you have to be careful to wait for Furby to stop moving or talking completely before entering the next item in the game pattern.
  3. It is best to wait 3 - 5 seconds before doing each item in the game start pattern to make sure Furby knows you want him to play the game.
  4. Furby may not be paying attention. To get Furby to pay attention, pick Furby up and gently rock Furby side to side. Then try to play again.
  5. Furby can only play one game at a time. You have to end one game before beginning another. To end a game, pick Furby up and turn Furby upside-down until Furby says "me done."



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