My Beauty Baby

We especially want to thank Long Year Import & Export Co. for sharing information with us about their exciting new keychain virtual pet. My Beauty Baby is expected to be released the end of July. Long Year expects to have several accessories for the pet as well.

My Beauty Baby has several new characteristics and options, including 20 hair styles, 22 dressing options, and 66 facial expressions. She can be dressed for different occasions. Her life cycle is 28 days.

Some other features being introduced on this pet are a new story structure, 1.3" LCD screen (most are only 1"), and an improved display that uses lines instead of "dots".

There is not yet a manufacturing web site to promote this pet.

Long Year was nice enough to share the basic "map" of the pet's life possibilities with us and we are reproducing it below.

This page was created 20 June 1997

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