Cooltec Interactive Battle Beasts

Cooltec, Hong Kong based makers of Pocket Puppy, put out a press release 9 January 1998 announcing their new Interactive Battle Beasts would be displayed at the 1998 American Toy Fair Show. The portion of the press release dealing with the Interactive Battle Beasts is below.

Interactive Battle Beasts - A Monstrous Game

Cooltec Press Release
9 January 1998
The Interactive Battle beasts are a gruesome package featuring frightening creatures that through careful and consistent training and feeding develop a unique set of characteristics necessary to do battle. Select the interactive mode, connect the opposing creatures and watch the battle unfold simultaneously on both LCD screens - a first in LCD game technology. After six battle rounds, you may emerge victorious, if only to wage battle against a larger, more formidable opponent. Are you up to the challenge?

Cooltec's Interactive Battle Beast can be purchased as a pair or separately for $19.00 and $9.99 MSRP and are available today for boys ages 6 and up.

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