Cooltec Virtual Warriors

Cooltec, Hong Kong based makers of Pocket Puppy, put out a press release 9 January 1998 announcing their new Virtual Warriors would be displayed at the 1998 American Toy Fair Show. The portion of the press release dealing with the Virtual Warriors is below.

Virtual Warriors, Real Interactive Battles

Cooltec Press Release
9 January 1998
Cooltec's new premiere product line pits one mighty warrior against another in true electronic interactive game warfare complete with real battle sounds. Virtual Warriors shielded in armor stand a mighty six inches tall and brandish menacing weapons with LCD screens and game controller buttons embedded within. Players pick from one of as many as nine fearsome warriors. The task is to prepare your warrior for battle. Teach him to hunt virtual animals to satisfy his hunger needs; conduct punishing exercise regimens and teach them to battle with the ultimate moves, punches, kicks and blocks. He'll develop numerous strengths and weaknesses that will either aid or hinder his ability to do battle.

Simply plug one warrior into another with the included cable, select the interactive combat feature and your warriors now go head-to-head. Over the course of five battles the winner will emerge a well-trained warrior. The results are totally in your hands. The rewards for the care and feeding of your own warrior have never been greater. Virtual warriors will be available in April for $16.99 MSRP for boys ages 8 and up.

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