Creatures are likeable little beings that you raise from eggs. It is a very scientific application of Cyberlife (TM) artificial life technology. They are about to release a very interesting version that includes the ability to breed them and watch the genetics in depth. This ability to truly genetically breed virtual pets is one of the items we had forecast in our look at the future of virtual pets.

Business Week has an April 21, 1997 article titled, Cute and They Don't Leave A Puddle, about Creatures that includes a great Norn photo.

The description and photos below come from the Cyberlife web site.

It all starts in the hatchery, where you select which of your six eggs you wish to hatch. Three male Norns, and three female Norns are available, and each has its own unique DNA.

Out comes your first Norn. The first thing you should do is register the birth using the Owner's Kit. You can also take photographs, and view the birth certificate.

Your Norn is alive. She must learn how to eat, rest and look after herself. She is able to learn what is good and what is bad on her own, but you can speed up the learning process by tickling or slapping her. Later on, when you have taught her to talk, you can say "Yes" and "No" to achieve the same thing.

A range of little applications ("Applets") are supplied to help you look after your Norns. These range from the Health Kit to the Creature Graveyard, where Norns go when dead.

It is a dangerous world out there. Norns have to face the vicious Grendels, and poisonous herbs and plants. There are diseases, and germs which can cause anything from a sneeze to a fatal illness. There are places to explore, discoveries to be made, and lots to learn.

When your Norns finally breed, evolution is given its chance to carries the best genetic material over to the next generation. Who knows, you could be the parent of the first super-intelligent artificial creature!

Mad Dog syndicated column. At last the perfect pet this undated article was added 18 April 1997. It talks about both Cyberlife and the Tamagocchi.

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