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The Media Magic Japanese web site displays a large number of unique Japanese keychain pets. We are showing some of them on this page. We encourage you to visit their site. The site is in Japanese, but the pictures of the pets and their packaging are very interesting.




My Galaxy

We have one reader with a My Galaxy Pet that is a dog. They wrote us:

My Mom got me a pet called a "My Galaxy Pet". It gets bigger if you treat it well and he turns into an angel when he dies. He's a dog. You can feed him a bone or dog food, clean him up (after he's pooped), play a little guessing game, give him a shot to make him well, check his health, discepline him, turn on and off the lights, and a little thing that if it lights up when it means that he wants attention.

? Dog

? Fish


Pets About Types of People

Gaaa Hippie

Gaaa Rapper


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