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Robert's Classic Collector's Museum Web Site's Virtual Pets

Robert's Classic Collector's Museum web site has a page titled Japanese Keychain LCD Games Page. This page provides excellent coverage of several keychain virtual pets I have not seen elsewhere. In addition it shows several interesting games built on the similar keychain format. These pets are made in China, but referred to as Japanese Keychain Pets because they are made to be sold in Japan (Japanese packaging and instructions). The site provides nice large photos of the front and back of the packaging, plus many comments about the operation of the pets. To avoid infringing on Robert's fine site, I am only showing cropped and reduced graphics from his site with a few of his most significant comments. Please visit the Japanese Keychain LCD Games Page for much better graphics and a great description of operation of these virtual pets.

Gyaoppi Key Chain Pet

Dinosaur similar to Tamagotchi. Weather is an interesting addition to this pet. An umbrella, cap and muffler are available to combat rain, heat, and snow which influences pet health.

Kyouryu Game Gyao Tamagotchi Knockoff

Another "Tamagotchi like" dinosaur. It begins with a plain egg against a "Jurassic" backdrop.

Bird Watching

"Tamagotchi like". You raise a chick from an egg to an adult chicken. It also includes weather and a scarf, umbrella, and cap for your chicken. This same pet is also called "Virtual Egg". We have another photo and a watch version on another page.

Moshigo no Choubutsu

Another "Tamagotchi like" dinosaur. Very similar to Gyao pet described earlier.

Pocket Turtle

"Tamagotchi like" turtle. Similar to Gyao game described earlier. Your turtle must go to school in order to play and your turtle can add. No audible warning for needs, it does have an attention icon that lights up.

Ganbare!! Ryuuta-kun

"Tamagotchi like" dinosaur. Includes the weather functions and has a head sticking out the top. Robert's site reports there is also a more plain keychain model and a wristwatch version. He also says the game sound is very LOUD.

Virtual Pet

Very Similar to Tiger Giga-Pet Nano-Puppy. Robert's site reports he thinks the pet is very ugly, I thought the photo was very "cute".


Per Robert, it is absolutely identical in size/appearance/function to the Tamagotchi, except the characters are dinosaurs and it has the "Raku-Raku Dino-kun" logo on top


Per Robert, this game allows you to raise a large bird of prey. It is not much different than Gyaoppi. He thinks they are probably manufactured by the same factory.


This "duck" keychain pet has a very interestingly shaped case.

Gyaoppi II

Per Robert, the game is similar to the original Gyaoppi. This version has a more informative display. The pet has 2 new games: Soccer, and Ring Toss. The new display now shows items such as illness and the number of droppings to clean up along a "status bar" along the bottom of the screen. This leaves the playfield more clear.

Ganbare !! Ryuuta-kun

Per Robert, this game is the same as the Ganbare! Ryuuta-kun, with the images changed to a dog. It also includes the extra "game", "food" and "weather" varieties of Gyaoppi and Raku Raku Dino-kun. I think the "dog head" on the case is beautiful !!


Per Robert, a virtual dog, similar to the Giga and Nano versions-- except it comes in much more colorful packaging.


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