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The Golden Autumn web site offers a number of virtual pets for sale and resale. Some of their more unique pets are shown on this page.

DNA Pets

DNA Fish

DNA Human

A few of our readers have shared their experiences with DNA Fish:

DNA fish is in a small squared shaped liked an aquarium. it's multi- colored (bright) and has a tab in the back so you can stand it up. The fish dates, gets married and becomes sushi among other things. I saw this in a store.

A DNA Fish pet is in a square shape and has three buttons. It has a chain and a clip that folds out into a stand. You feed it Fish pellets(Snack) or Smaller fish. The game is rings falling from the sky. You have to dodge them.

DNA Human is also known as Virtual Boy. Its game functions include: main food & snack food, exercise, learn, clean, sleep, medical, monitor, game playing (squash), working, and communication practice.

The boy can grow up to be a sportsman, robber, doctor, worker, businessman, or family man.

8 in 1
Heart Shape

Dino Rex

My Cute

Electroni Pocket

Electronic Pocket

Baby Monster


My Lovely

My Sweet



3 in 1 Pets

3 in 1

3 in 1

3 in 1

The instructions say they migrated to the Earth from "Planet Z" for the better living conditions. However, because there are only 23 hours on Planet Z but 24 hours on the earth, these three outer space animals face serious time difference problems. To help these space pets adjust to life on the earth, owners must adjust the clock back by an hour before noon after the pets get up from the bed everyday.

When starting the game, choose which pet to hatch: Penguin "Cool Lulu", "Biggy Dino", or "Coody" Chicken.

Main food is different depending on which pet you are raising. Games are "guessing the direction" and "scissors, stone, or paper". The pet will call you when it's hungry, thirsty, sleepy, or simply being bad. Each pet has five stages of life in unpredictable forms, and could grow to up to 199 years old.

Magic Egg


Magic Egg

Comes with a birth certificate on which you can record the name, birth time and date, birth place, and other information

  • Four buttons plus "reset".
  • Button A2 is for pausing. Press this button to pause Chicky's life while you are too busy to take care of it. However, doing this too often is not good for the vulnerable chick. Pressing A2 again will resume all functions.
  • You can play two new games with Chicky: "Golf" and "Hula hoop"
  • Unhealthy lifestyle may cause your chick to suffer from diarrhea or anemia (in the latter case Chicky would fall to the ground easily). Give medicine accordingly.
  • Checking the emotion meter is important. If your chick is always unpleasant it'll grow up to be a defiant adult chicken, or even die of depression. To make Chicky feel happy, play games with it and let it win, and give it good care.
  • You turn off the sound in public places.
  • As a happy ending, Chicky grows into a little angel and lay an egg for you to show its appreciation.
  • Superpet

    Before the evolution of humans, star "G" in the Milky Way exploded. The only surviving egg was carried by a meteor and safely arrived on the Earth--- So goes the legend of Super Pet.

    Superpet has multiple growth stages and numerous unpredictable characters including:

  • Little Black has just hatched out from the egg and loves to cry. He needs your care most - be patient with him!

  • Ball Head is extremely naughty. The care he receives from you will greatly affect his development later on!

  • Talktive Garlic is perceptive to everything around him.

  • Pensive Point Head loves sports very much.

  • May is a lovely girl but is often moody, and she needs your sincere care and support.

  • Wayward Freckles often loses her temper.

  • Little Braid is a good boy who loves to help others.

  • Looking like a match stick, Lantern is always sick.

  • Water Pipe often runs away from school. He is a naughty boy.

  • Obese Duckling is a lazy bone who loves eating and sleeping all day. He does nothing constructive.

  • Sweetie is very fashionable. She is a courageous modern girl.

  • Dick is boy who loves Chinese Kung Fu. Every day of his life is happy and meaningful.

  • Smartie is a clever girl who does not like studying.

  • Flower is a robust and intelligent boy. He is also a kind-hearted big brother.

  • Little Punk is a hot-tempered boy who loves fighting. People are scared of him.

  • Melancholic Bob grows older and loves to recollect beautiful memories of the past

  • Little Dancer has talent for dancing, singing and the piano.

    Some new features include:

  • If you give your Super Pet excellent care, he/she will grow up to 99 pet years old

  • If you want your Super Pet to grow faster, you can choose the accelerated mode when starting the game.

  • You can view your Super Pet's photo album

  • If you have to go to school or have other work to do, you can put your Super Pet into hibernation.

  • If your Super Pet dies of old age it will leave behind an egg. However, if it dies of hunger, thirst, or disease, no egg is left. (You can always start again)

  • After your pet dies, scenes of his/her growth path can be viewed.

  • This page was created 10 Sept 1997


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