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We are listing keychain pets here that our readers have told us about, or that we have seen or heard some small bit about. They may or may not really exist. Some are probably just other names for pets we have already listed. The list certainly indicates the diversity of what is coming in the future.

A * in front of the pet name indicates some more information about the pet is available at the bottom of the page.

If you can guide us to some more significant information on these pets, please click on the mail box and drop us a note. Thanks for your help.

The dates on the more recent entries refer to the date the pet was added to this list.

Series of Pets

Individual Pets

Below are some comments from our readers about the "unknown" pets. We are reprinting them as we received them. We have not tried to verify their information.

My Puppy, My Kitten, My Baby series

I am writing about the My Puppy, My Kitten, My Baby series of VP's. I have a My Puppy, my friend has a my Kitten, and a chain called DEKA has started selling My Babys, all made by the same company. The graphics on them are exacly the same as nano pets, which leads me to think that they are the nanochips but in diferent cases. Basically, the cases have "My (Puppy, Kitten, Babby") at the top, with little things concering each of the pets around the casing (eg: the puppy has black paw prints all over the front.

My Baby

Virtual Pet...My Baby I own one of these....

It wakes at 7am with a random varience
It goes to sleep at 9pm with random varince
The english instructions, while readable are way too breif
Four button
It sleeps twice in a day.
If unattended it lights up a alert Icon to indicate a need, ie
clean,feed, play, Give "treat", Turn off light, call medical assistance
way too easy to reset by accident.
has undocumented sound off and on switch

Hatchling Series

a large 3 in by 2 in white shell , holding a cute dinasaur with ten icons.

Perpetual Pet series



BoBo Puppy

BoBo's are little puppy's that you have to look after. They are their own company Puppy BoBo. So far BoBo's are a bit unpopuler at our school because a lot of the time they die really really easily. One of my friends got five in one day because they weren't woking but my one is so that's pretty cool. The case that it comes in is rectangle piece of good cardbourd with a plastic cover. The BoBo itself has the shape of a dogs head with four buttons. The colours that it can come in is red blue yellow and white. I do like my BoBo but it is unpridicitable it could just crash at any minute. But mine hasn't done that yet. Yay

BoBo Puppy

I was going to send you an E-mail saying you didn't have Bobo Puppys, but they're in your unknowen pets page. Yes they are real, and I can tell you somethings about them but I can't give you picture. They are quite cheap here in New Zealand, but they ae relly convenent, you can put them in there kennel and that's like putting them to slepp they just stay there until you get them out, but they do go to sleep, not just at night but at all hours of the day too. You have to feed them and playing with them, like the rest, here are the things you can do with them: Feed them, play with them, make them go in their kennel, give them injections when they get sick, clean up after them, check their meter to see how they're doing, and discipline them when they're naughty! TThere is even a hint screen that tells you what's wrong with it!

Hitorikko Pets

Your Hittorikko chicken cover looks different mine is shaped like an egg and my brothers dinosaur is the shape of the case the one you said was a chicken.I think it is a different shape all over the world cause I live in Canada.The fishes case looks like a fish too.

Hitorikko Chicken

I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my Hitorikko chicken.

It has these functions:
feed (choice of hamburger, worms (?) or water)
game 1 (chicken will randomly face left or right, I have to guess which)
first aid
game 2 (chicken will roll a die, I have to guess low or high)
read to it
heater (on or off)
toilet (needs to be flushed every hour or two when awake and fed)
light (on or off)
It ages once a day; I had mine up to 6 yrs old when it reset (I think either the battery was bad or was loose) and it was about 35kg or so at that time (that's a BIG chicken!). After about the 3rd or 4th day, the picture of the chicken was about the same. I can let you know more info if my second try at raising him goes better (I opened it, cleaned the batteries, and strengthened the springs that held the batteries in, and it seems to be doing much better now).


There's also a Petogotchi bear. Real cute! It's shaped like the tamagotchi w/ four buttons. It becomes different types of bears depending how well you take care of it.

Jurassic Park

Actually, I don't think it was the Tiger version. It had the egg shaped appearance and function like buttons of the Tamagotchi. Also, as I previously mentioned, it can become several different dinasaurs. I saw this pet at the Spencer's gifts at the mall in my city (El Paso, TX). It had a brown, dinasaur egg appearance and I think there was another that was white/beige.

Chicken Chicken

I come from England.

I have a virtual pet, not included in your list, and it is a Chicken called "Chicken Chicken" It is made by a Company called Bright Ideas Co. You can feed it, play with it, clean up after it, and teach it so that it gets good grade marks at school.You can also get a dog and a dinosaur from the same company.It is Red with yellow buttons and a silver keychain.Please include this in your list.

Pocket Kitty

I have a pocket kitty. I see you do not have that up on the list of unknown virtual pets. Well anyway i have one. I hate it. I think it's annoying but i have one. I have not found a web site that has anything on it, so i don't have a picture. But i will explain it. It is a oval of plastic like a tamagotchi, just not an egg. the cat itself looks EXACTLY llike a nano kitty. And the little icons are the icons from tamagotchis. It has four circular buttons that look like the tamagotchi buttons.It is a keychain type thing. I think it is just a copy of nano kitties and tamagotchis mixed together. I imagine the pocket puppy is very similar.

Innogachi KG-10 ChickPet

Made in China, approx 10 functions, more memory than early tamogotchi's. Don't know manufacturer's name -- it's not shown on box or in owner manual. I have someone checking the kanji writing on the back to see if it identifies the manufacturer.

Mr. Funny

I have a Mr. Funny, He's a human that lives to age 99. I got him at Job Lot

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