1998 Giga Pet Product Line

As Announced Feb 1998

Tiger Electronics just shared their 1998 Giga Pet virtual pet product line with us. They expect these virtual pets to all be on the market by October 1998. It looks like they have some very exciting pets coming out later in the year. We will be adding some photos and additional information as time permits.

The are dividing their product line into 3 segments: Giga Pets, Giga Pets Plus, and Giga Fighters.

Please DO NOT write us asking where or when specific pets will be available. We do not know when or where they will be available.

Giga Pets Plus

These nine units have several different pets you can interact with at once. In addition to the basic functions of food, tricks, play, discipline and bowel; sound effects, higher resolution displays, more play activities, more attractive housings, and night lights are being added. Giga Pets Plus have a suggested list price of $14.99.

Giga Fighters

The fighter designs allow you to raise and train a pet, then connect it with another to fight. Features include: linking ports, high resolution screens and 10 to 12 seconds of sound effects. Each pet will have six different characters to choose from, interacting with three characters at a time.

These pets will be able to link to a PC via a Tiger Link that will allow owners on to the http://www.gigapets.com website to unlock and download hidden characters and features for added play. You can also upload scores to see how your fighter compares with others.

Giga Fighters have a suggested list price of $17.99.

Giga Pets

These are the traditional Giga Pets. Most of them have already been released, but there are still a few new pets in this category. They have suggested list price of $9.99.

As long as Tiger was going to give us such a great list of their upcoming pets, we thought we might round it out with the earlier Giga Pets so this document could be a "full list" of giga pets.

We have also been hearing of a new item from Tiger called a"'furby". Below is what one lady sent us:

In my local paper today there was a picture of a small furry toy called "furby" created by tiger electronics that was introduced at the 98 international toy fair this past Sat.

According to a synopsis of their exhibit: "If you were intrigued by Giga Pets, you'll want to meet Furby, our special new friend. Furby is the first fully interactive 3-dimensional pet. He speaks his own language and even learns to speak English. Furby interacts with you like a real pet and interacts with other Furbies, too. He responds to sound, touch and light. Furby will be tops on every kid's list in 98!"


In the Toy Fair coverage I saw a product called an E-Bear that looked like a small teddy bear with a talking nano sewn in as its face. You touched the bear in various places to run the pet. I think it may be similar to "furby".

Looks like we are in for an exciting year!!


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