GigaPound Pet

January 26, 1998 Tiger Electronics announced the new GigaPound Pet. We are especially anxious to learn how the pet "responds to your voice.".

Some preliminary information from Tiger's Gigapet website is below.


The Giga Pound is home to eight breeds of dogs. Every dog behaves differently, from tiny terriers, to loyal Labradors, each with its' own barking, playing and learning features. If you take good care of your dog, you can add another, and another, and another--you can care for a total of four dogs at one time, all in the same Giga Pet!

Giga Pound Product Review

One of our 5th grade readers, CyberKid reviewed Giga Pound for our site. A big thanks to CyberKid for the excellent review.
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998
From: CyberKid
I just got a Giga Pound, and I am reviewing it for your site.

The Giga Pound is similar to most other Giga Pets, except for the 5 buttons, Night Light, and Voice Activation. When you start it up, you set the clock, then you choose one of four dogs- a beagle, a terrier, a great dane, or a labrador. You use the left and right buttons to scroll through these, then press enter to select your choice. You see your selection up close, and it gives it's unique bark (each dog has a different bark). You then get a chance to name your dog. It is done just like any other pet. After this, your dog barks. This means it's hungry. The food is a bowl of food, and a biscuit or steak, depending on which dog you chose. For games, you can play a ball chase game, a frisbee chase game, or a tug-of-war with a teddy bear. If you lose any of these, your dog will also execute it's unique whine. Your dog may or may not make a noise when it wants something, so you have to check it every so often. The voice activation can be used to bring your dog back on screen if it walks off, discipline it for whining or barking, or rewarding it for doing a trick right. The night light is a small light above the screen. It illuminates most of the screen. The four hidden breeds are activated by entering a code in the naming section. To activate a St. Bernard, enter HELP. To activate a poodle, enter RUNFIFIRUN. To activate a collie, enter COMEHOME. To activate a German Shepard, enter RINTINTIN. You can have up to four dogs in a time in your care. To look at them, press mode until your past the clock. You will see all of your dogs.

I give the Giga Pound a 9.5


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