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One of our young readers, "Relic", supplied this great review of the Rugrat Giga Pet. Thanks "Relic" !

Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998
From: Relic

Rugrats Giga Pet Review

Hi everyone,
About 2 days ago I was looking in a store for a Floppy Frog when I stumbled across a Giga Pet I had never seen before. I looked at the package and saw it had to do with Rugrats (The show on Nickelodeon). I looked around the package and read about it. It was actually a kind of Giga Pet. I went to my mom and asked if I could use my $15.00 to buy it. She said yes and we drove off with it a little while later. When I got home I opened the package and held it. It had two little legs sticking out the bottom which could come in and out. I figured they were to stand the pet up. I pulled the insulator tab out the back and read the directions. They were actually more manageable to read than the usual giga pet instructions. Personally I don't like most of the instructions to gigas. They don't provide enough info and don't make much sense. I read this pet can use voice commands also. I am not sure how to use the voice command yet though.

Unlike The Loony Toones Giga there isn't much of a screen visibility problem. If you go to many websites they will tell you about the problem or if you have one of your own you can judge. This pet also has somewhat of a tiny light built into it. I like this feature because if im in a dark room for instance and have my pet along and need to take care of it I can flick on it's nightlight. It is not very bright however. There are also some secret screens that you can run. They tell you these in the instructions which I found strange because there supposed to be "secret" codes. Well here they are in case you lost the instructions....

Dummibears enables Reptar to come out and you win the game
Lipschultz enables a parade to start a parade with all the rugrats including Reptar>br> Pickels enables Spike to wash Grandpa with the hose

You can enter these codes by going to the name screen and typing enter, and then you type out the name of the code.

You can choose between 4 characters in this keychain game. Tommy, Chucky, Spike, or Angelica. I think they should of chosen Phil and Lil instead of Angelica and Spike. I think it would of been more fun that way. You can also switch which character you want whenever you want. They supposedly wait in the treehouse and come out to play when you call them. I like this because if i'm in the mood to take care of one and I have another one I can change it very fast. You can choose between two games for each character. This is a fun feature. The games are challenging and fun. These pets also talk which is neat. I've heard the following phrases so far...

"You dumb babies!"
"A babies gotta do what a babies gotta do"
"Woof!" (I heard this one from Spike)

These pets are very small compared to the Talking Nano. The Nano's must of had larger chips, and bolts etc. . You can tell from it's size. These pets also don't get hit which is nice. I hate seeing the other pets get beaten! Poor cyber toys. Actually these pets have more of a humiliation discipline. Either that or they get blasted with a hose! Tommy and Angelica have to dressed in "silly" outfits. Tommy gets dressed in a silly sailor suit, and Angelica gets dressed in a silly dress. Spike and Chuckie get Hosed.

For a bath the pets also get blasted by a hose. This was strange because if you raise Chucky or Spike you don't know if they are getting disciplined or taking a bath.

If you watch the rugrats on television you would know that they like to go on lots of adventures. In this game they are searching for Reptar in the woods but for some reason they think they need to be forest rangers. You have to train them to become forest rangers with some activities. If they do it right they get a snack (Similar to the regular giga pet). Once they reach the age of 5 they get the Forest Ranger hats.

Like most Giga's you can put them to sleep whenever you want. I like this because when i'm busy i can just put them to bed and I can do whatever I have to do.

These pets also exercise. This is confusing because I couldn't find the icon for it.

Well thats about all I can write about this virtual pet. Hope you liked the article...

C-ya :-)

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