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Hoyotan Tamago is an interesting dinosaur keychain pet offered by HONG HUA PRECISION TIME PTE LTD web site. The information and graphics below come from their web site. They have much more information there, so be sure to visit them.

They refer to Hoyotan Tamago as the "The second generation Tamagotch!" Hong Hua is the sole distributor of this second generation "Hyotan Tamago". The basic operation of the pet is similar to the Tamagotchi. They say that by caring for and watching the growth of these "dinosaurs", you are able to experience the taste of being a parent or pet keeper.

"Hyotan Tamago" are gourd shaped and can be worn as a necklace, placed on a keychain, or put on a watch band ( it tells the time). Hoyotan Tamago comes in five colors and there are both nylon and plastic straps available.

Features include fast reaction, a unique gourd shape, 5 case colors, and watch straps.

 The page was created June 20, 1997

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