Note! This research article was "re-posted" by us, Virtual Pet Home Page, on 15 November 1997. The article was originally written and posted by a gentleman at UC Berkeley on their web site. We have absolutely no rights to it. We felt it was a very significant contribution to Tamagotchi research and made a backup copy. Since the original post has been removed, we are now posting this copy for use by serious virtual pet researchers. Again, for emphasis, all rights to this document belong to the original poster.

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Critical Thoughts About Tamagotchi

A final project for S97 Infosys 296a-3 a course taught at UC Berkeley by Howard Besser in the School of Information Management and Systems.

by jef samp

Welcome. This site is a collection of short essays inspired by a month's worth of research of the Tamagotchi phenomenon. If this is your first visit, you may want to check out the site overview before using the menu on the left to meander through the content.

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