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This new Dinosaur / Gorilla Fighting Pet is another linkable monster fighting pet. We have not tested it and are "borrowing" these photos (we did enhance them some) from the Welcome-to-China web site which sells the pet. The comments below are a summary the materials on their site. They also have several other large photos.

They call the pet the Monster Fighter. They also "pickup" on the Godzilla vs. King Kong idea.

The Monster Fighter can train, battle, fight, punch, and swing. It can also play a "man vs. machine" fight game. They compare it with Bandai's Digital Demon (DigiMon) and say the Monster Fighter has:
  • a faster computer chip with faster actions
  • better and livelier graphics
  • a "sleep" mode to keep the pet away during school time
Monster Fighters are portrayed as being different from other virtual pets.:
  • They do not go to the bath room voluntarily. You have to remember to take them to it.
  • They do not require constant care or supervision
  • Instead of playing only with the computer, you can play and compete with your friends.
  • Realistic strategies and training technique which are required in order to improve your fighter.

Some other differences between Monster Fighter and DigiMon are:
  • Both can do battles. For DigiMon, you can only do battle with another DigiMon. But Monster Fighter has a "Fight Game" that you can do battle with the computer when your friends are not around.
  • You train the DigiMon by winning the "Guessing Game". To train the Monster Fighter, you have to win the "Guessing Game" and also get the Monster Fighter trained for both "weight lifting" and "quickness" exercises.

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Thanks again to Welcome-to-China for supplying
the photos and description.

This page was posted 11 December 1997

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