New Nano Fighting Pet Press Release

Playmates Press Release


George Foreman To Kick Off New Line of Virtual Pet Fighters
at Dec. 18 FAO Schwarz Appearance in New York City

COSTA MESA, Calif. (Dec. 12, 1997) Playmates Toys, the company that started America's virtual pet craze, announced the arrival of the first Nano Fighters to toy retailers' shelves. The Nano Fighters make their way onto the toy scene at a knockout event, featuring former heavyweight champion George Foreman and youth boxers from Coney Island Boxing Club of the Bronx, on Dec. 18 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Manhattan's FAO Schwarz.

This virtual pet takes the nurturing play pattern targeted to girls that has made Nano the leading virtual pet brand among retailers and replaces it with the competitive play boys crave. The object is to raise, train and coach one's Nano Fighter, to build up its power level until, at age 18, it is ready to battle other Nano Fighters. After two days of training children can link their virtual pet to another trained Nano Fighter and engage in elimination-style battles. A Nano Fighter's ability to win depends on the early care and training it has received – the better it is trained and cared for, the more battles it will be likely to win.

Revolutionary to this product line is the battle's conclusion: The winning Nano Fighter mocks the loser by "walking" from its LCD screen onto its competitor's to "finish" the fight. A virtually limitless number of Nano Fighters can be connected together to create a massive elimination tournament, which the best-trained fighter is most likely to win.

Children can choose from several Nano Fighters, including Rough RiderTM, Supreme SumoTM and Alley FighterTM, each of which comes in a variety of colors and includes two button cell batteries. As long as a Nano Fighter continues to win more battles than it loses, it can continue training and fighting for approximately [N] days. Provided with each is a key chain attachment, making one's Nano Fighter portable by easily attaching it to backpacks and belt loops.

Nano Fighters will sell for an estimated retail price of $15-20 and will be available nationwide this month.

"Nano Fighter is first virtual pet that boys will think is 'cool'," said Mark Hatherill, senior vice president, marketing, Playmates Toys. "Its competitive nature, interactive features and – most of all – the unique element of having the winning fighter cross onto the opponent's screen finally give boys a virtual pet they can truly adopt as their own."

Consumers can obtain information about all of the various Nano Pals by visiting, Playmates' virtual pet web site.

Playmates Toys is a leading marketer of many of America's best-selling action figures and dolls, including the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®; action figures and accessories based on the "Star Trek®" franchise; the WaterBabies® lines of dolls; and the virtual pet phenomenon, Nano Pals.

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