Pixl-Pal is a gaming interface for windows. One of the games is a virtual pet named Pixl-Pal for your windows screens.

The information below comes from their website.

Pixl-Pal's new gaming interface will be available for windows 95 and 3.1.

The features of Pixl-Pal include an inline pixl-pet, which is similar to tamagotchi and digipet. Pixl-Pet can also function as a screen saver when needed. Pixl-Pal is a portable, interscreen, gaming interface; which means that you can use it in association with any other windows program. If you are working on a paper in Microsoft Word for example, you will be able to have Pixl-Pal in the corner of the screen(or any where you like) to play a game or monitor the progress of your Pixl-Pet.

The Pixl-Pet, which is similar to Tamagotchi and Digipet, has many features. The main difference is color and graphics, but you also have more options. When you decide to grow your Pixl-Pet, you will be able to choose what kind of animal it will be, or choose mutation mode, where it makes up its own creature. You have a choice between reptile, amphibian, mammal, or bird. The pet will decide on its own which kind of animal from these classes it will form into. For example, if you choose amphibian, it could turn into a frog or a salamander. Just like a Tamagotchi, you have to play with it, feed it, clean up after it, and make sure it stays healthy. But unlike Tamagotchi, there is a new game to play with every pet, and more feeding options.

The Pixl-Pal Demo version 1.1 will be released June 20th, and will be available as freeware. It will be unable to play any other Pixl Games, but will come with a sample of Pixl-Pet.

The registered version of Pixl-Pal will be released July 20th, and will have a full working version of Pixl-Pet, will also be able to play Pixl Games, which will come out about a month after the registered version of Pixl-Pal comes out and then about every two months there after.

You will also be able to download the Pixl-Pal demo version 1.1 from our web page after its release date.

Pixl Software
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Providence, Rhode Island 02906

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