Rakuraku Dinokun
Dinky Dino

The Kaneohe's Dinky Dino Page provides an excellent set of English instructions and details the operation of this pet. Some of the more unique properties are described below (borrowed from Kaneohe's page).

The LCD screen is the living place of Dinkie Dino. Press the Left / Right keys to light up the icons around the outsides of the screen. These icons represent all the different activities that allow you to interact with Dinkie Dino.

Dinkie Dino needs your special care to grow up healthily and you have to figure out what it needs at different times. Use the Left / Right keys to move to the activity you want and press enter.


When Dinkie Dino needs something, it will alarm you by beep sounds. You should then check what it wants.

The game is over when Dinkie Dino dies. It can die from old age or bad health if you do not take good care of it.

Batteries: two AG13 button cell batteries.

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