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The Wedding Pets are a pair of dinosaurs that link together to mate. They are particularly interesting due to the "specifications" needed to mate. In order to have a "child" they must be one male and female (if you try to mate males to males or females to females, they bite each other) They can only have baby pets when they are at least 6 years old (they age a year a day like most pets) and are "in good mood, not hungry, and so on...".

The Wedding Pets also have a "Babysitting" feature. You can "leave your pet" with another one when you do not have time to care for it. One pet becomes the 'baby sitter" and the other one is "baby sat".

They play a 'Fruit Bingo" game where you try to stop the display when it has 3 of the same fruit in a row.

Food choices are rice and candy.

Other functions are: Medicine, Clean, Light, and Education.

Yang Ruey International Development Co., Ltd in Taiwan, sent us a pair of the Wedding Pets to test.

The first thing I noticed was how bright and pretty the packaging was. The boxes are really colorful. Each pet has a nice graphic of two dinosaurs and some hearts above its display. The pets themselves are rectangular in shape and a little "bulged" on the edges. This is the first pet I have tested that was shaped like a small pager or a beeper.

Note in the photo, you can see the small "link connector" stored near the bottom of the back of the pet.

The other end of the back of the pet has a pivotal piece, I was unable to determine its purpose. It looks like it is for a watch band connection or to attach the key chain. Perhaps it is to "prop up" the pet so it will stand on its own. If you try to "prop up" the pet with it, the pet is standing on its head. It looks like there is a place to install a similar pivoting piece on the "connector link" storage end also, so it is probably a watchband option. But if you put a watch band connection on the "connector link" storage end it might be difficult to get the "connector link" out of its storage place?

My units came with batteries in them and another set of batteries in the packaging, I am not sure if that is standard or not.

To start the pets, you just pull the "white tag" and set the clock. They hatch in just a few minutes. They have a "deeper" sound than some of the pets and don't sound so "irritating."

I tried the "baby sitting feature" several times and was never able to master it. The instructions are in 3 pieces (on the back of the box, on a folded piece of paper, and on an inserted piece of paper). They were a little bit confusing on exactly when to connect the pets during the process and I was not able to get it to work. I did have success the very first time I tried to "mate" the pets. I put 2 females together and they bit each other. Later, I put a young male and a young female together and they fought with their tails. The pets have to be 6 years old and in good health to mate and have a baby.

Over All Impressions

I do wonder a little about their exact target market. When I think of dinosaurs I tend to think of boys and when I think of weddings I think of girls. Many of pets appeal to both genders and maybe that is their approach?

Overall I really liked the Wedding Pets. I do encourage parents to make sure they are comfortable with their children having a small part like the "connector link" and that it does not get "eaten" by one of their own little monsters.

Suggestions for Improvements

With this review, we are adding this new section, "Suggestions for Improvements", to our reviews. Many of these suggestions are very applicable to other pets as well. We are certainly not "picking on" this one. We are just offering some suggestions for the manufacturer to consider in possible revisions of this pet or in the design of future pets. Other manufacturers may also find these ideas useful.

A big thanks to Yang Reuy International Development Co., Ltd. for sending us a pair of Wedding Pets to test and congratulations to them on their new product.! See the Virtual Varmints web site for additional info.

This product review was posted 11 December 1997

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