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Self is another learning virtual pet that responds to your inputs. Self lives on a website and you interact with him there. Below, we are posting some of the operating instructions and descriptions of what self can do that are listed on his web site. See the Self web site for more details and for Self himself.

How to operate

Self move independently ,so it can move without your direction. But you can also direct "SELF".

For example, you can click one point and let it walk to the direction or pat "SELF" on the head for moving your mouse on "SELF".

In addition, you can poke and wake up sleeping "SELF", you can also put the food forward "SELF" to drag the tree object or something.

Which event happen depends on your how to communicate with "SELF".

But if you poke sleeping "SELF" so many times. ..........

Try what you like and communicate with "SELF" (Try communicating with "SELF".)

What Can "SELF" Do?

The normal action. "SELF" walk around the world freely.


When you put the food forward the road which "SELF" walk, "SELF" eat the food, but "SELF" eat the stone??? (But when you put the stone, ....??)


When "SELF" is happy, "SELF" smile to you


When "SELF" get tired


When you let "SELF" walk around so hardly or awake the sleepin "SELF" "SELF" may get angry.


If "SELF" don't eat for a long time, "SELF" tired and get wet. This is the warning to get tired, so put the food to "SELF".


When time passed, "SELF" will die but succeed to the son (the blood will succeed to the son)

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