Tekno the Robotic Puppy

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Tekno was launched May 8, 2000.

Manley Toy Quest's Tekno is a walking, barking, talking, crying robot friend. With just a few barks, whines and pants he will let you know how he is feeling. With your help, he even learns how to perform tricks.

Tekno several features of the higher priced robotic dogs for a bargain price, but does not recognize spoken commands..

He is programmed to respond like an 8 week old puppy. Tekno sees and hears everything around him and knows when it is getting dark (he sleeps and snores). His biological clock wakes him automatically in the morning.

He speaks several English words including: "Tekno", "whoops", "excuse me" and 'thanks".

Tekno has emotions and gets smarter as he ages. He does NOT require a headset. Touch sensors are used to train him. His voice and light sensors give him additional functions. He even sings and plays card tricks.

He sleeps standing still, because he cannot sit or lay down. Tekno responds to light levels and sounds, but not to words or individual voices. Tekno has no headset or remote. You launch behaviors by pressing sensors on his head, neck, nose and one side. He can be programmed to be an alarm clock.

He snores when it gets dark and sleeps all night.

Tekno's Head & Brain

You can see Tekno is really "wired" in these photos. He is a very "high tech" virtual pet.

Closeup of His Eyes and A Walking Photo

These are some close up images of Tekno

Early Version of Tekno Wiring Diagram

Tekno's Birth

Rob and Roberta Radtek worked after hours at the Institute of Robotics to develop a robotic puppy to keep them company. Rob specialized in motor movements and Roberta did the artificial intelligence. Later, many others became involved, The Radtek's project was a great success and generated lots of interest in the lab. A decision was made to mass produce the unit and Tekno was born.

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