Yuki Penguin /
Dinkie Penguin

The Yuki Penguin (also known as the Dinkie Penguin) is one of the first "penguin" virtual pets. "Yuki" means snow in Japanese. This pet is the Dinkie Dino (RakuRaku Dinokun) pet in a "penguin" version. The graphics promoting the pet are very nice.

A virtual penguin hatches from a tiny egg, the game starts and you nurture the pet using the 5 buttons. You feed him when he's hungry, give him a drink when he's thirsty, play games with him, give him medicine when he's sick; shower him when he is dirty, turn on the air conditioning or the heater when he gets too hot or too cold.

The life of the pet depends on how well you take care of it. One day on Earth is equivalent to one year in virtual pet time.

This page was created 18 July 1997

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