Virtual Pet Warehouse Floor Rental Contract

Just print off this contract, staple the pages
together and proceed with the  procedure detailed
on the Programs Page

Program Details:

A "floor" of the warehouse similar to the sample floor will be developed for your firm. We have artwork for most of the existing pets or can use your artwork. Your logo can be put in the top left corner if desired. We can scan or convert artwork from almost any format.

Sales are not made directly from "your floor". Your actual sales occur as referrals from our page to your phone, fax, e-mail, and or web site. Your "floor" will have photos of your pets, list any special services you offer, minimum order limits, and your contact information.

We do not post pricing information on warehouse pages. Pricing can be handled in your communications with the potential customers.

You may "update" your site by sending us additional pets or information to post or change twice per calendar month at no additional charge. One update is defined as one reposting of your page. It may contain several individual revisions. If you require more than 2 updates per month, they (updates after the 2nd one in a given calendar month) will be billed at $25 each.

Program Costs:

We currently (July 23) are charging $250 per month and allowing month to month rental of the floors. There is a $50 dollar upfront deposit for the floor (to cover development costs if you leave rapidly). This $50 is refunded in your second full month's rent. "Floor rental" is due at the 15th of the month. When we turn you site "on" the first months rental will be pro-rated by how many days are left in the calendar month. Example: Ten days left in a 30 day month, rent = (10/30) X ($250)=$82.50. Your first rent payment is due within 2 weeks of turning your site on.

From then on, your rent will be due on the 15th of the month that you are paying rent for. If your rent is not paid by the 15th we will make an effort to contact you, and then your services will be cutoff by the 25th. Full payment of back rent plus a $50 fee will be required for reinstatement. Additionally you forfeit your $50 deposit if you are more than 10 days late on any payment before paying your second full month's rent. We can send invoices and bill against a purchase order if you desire.

Your second full month's rent will be due on the 15th of the month on the second full month of your booth space. The payment will be $200 ($250 less the $50 deposit).

Future months rent will be due on the 15 of each month.

We can also work out other payment methods or plans if you wish, just contact us with your needs.

We will do our best to make your stay in our warehouse a great success. As we use more and more bandwidth, your rent may be raised. You will be notified by e-mail and you will be allowed to vacate before any rental changes go into effect. Additionally no rent changes will go into effect for you before your second full month.

We think this will be a very successful program for everybody involved.


If you are unhappy with our service for any reason during the first 30 days (specifically including - you do not think your warehouse is generating sufficient revenue to pay for its rent), just contact us. We will remove your warehouse and refund all monies paid to us except the original $50 deposit. That $50 will remain ours for work done in setting up and removing your warehouse. You only at risk the $50. All other funds will be returned and any rent not yet paid will not be billed if you are not happy during the first 30 days of operation. One small wholesale sale will generate more than $50 of profit. Looks like a hard deal to turn down to me.

Double Listing Discount

Firms wishing to rent a booth in the Virtual Pet Tent (retail) and a floor in the Virtual Pet Warehouse (export and wholesale) may do so. All the deposits, rents, and charges will be exactly as specified in the individual contracts. They will then receive an additional 20% discount on their total bill.

Cancelling This Contract

You may vacate the booth at any time. Just notify us of your desire to leave by e-mail. Any pre-paid rent will be pro-rated over the portion of the month used and the remainder will be returned to you. You will forfeit your $50 deposit if you vacate before the 15th day of your second full month.

We, Polson Enterprises, can terminate your stay at any time. If we do so, any prepaid rent will be pro-rated over the portion of the month used and the remainder will be returned to you. Your $50 deposit will also be returned if you are terminated during your first two full months for a reason other than late payment. It is certainly in our best interest to keep you as a tenant and we expect to do so. There may be unusual circumstances and situations that require the dismissal of one or more of our tenants, which is the reason for this clause.

Payment Methods:

We accept checks, money orders, etc. We also accept Master Card and Visa and can establish an automatic billing against them if you wish. Please make all checks payable in U.S. Dollars on a U.S. bank.

I have read and understand the Virtual Pet Tent Booth Contract and agree to abide by it.

Company Name: ___________________________________

Your Name:_________________________________________

Your Signature:___________________________ Date__________


Your Address: (you can attach a business card if you wish)

This address is how you can be contacted. The 2nd address is the information you wish to be posted on the site. If they are the same, just complete this one.



Street or PO Box:_______________________________


(extra line if needed for street address)

City:_________________________________ State: _______ Zip:________________









Street or PO Box:_______________________________

________________________________________(extra line if needed for street address)

City:_________________________________ State: _______ Zip:________________


Phone Number:____________________________

800 Number:_______________________________ (if you want it posted)





HOW WILL YOU PAY US? By check (on a US bank for US dollars)_____
By credit card ____
By other (please explain) _________________________________

If by credit card please list:

the type of card (master card or visa):__________________

the name on the card:___________________________

the card number:________________________________

the expiration date:________________

Do we need to send you invoices?_____________

If we are to bill against a purchase order, please send us the details
Please enclose any special billing instructions.


The provider of services in this contract is:

Gary Polson, president
Polson Enterprises
P.O. Box 1381
Stillwater OK 74076


fax 405-377-9700