Tamagotchi Abuse

This article from the Tamagotchi Online web site illustrates the future may hold all kinds of virtual pet concepts. It was originally presented on the Tamagotchi Online website no longer active at: http://members.aol.com/Tamology/index.htm, where it was presented much more colorfully. We arched the text here.

As difficult as it is to believe, reports of alleged Tamagotchi abuse are beginning to crop-up all around America: Apparently, not everyone loves these little alien lifeforms.

Although American Tamagotchi don't die (it is rumored Japanese Tams do), they will get fed-up with your abuse and return to their home planet!

Though the American government has no official position on Tam abuse, we feel that any of the following should constitute abuse:

Leaving your Tam's light on all night

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to sleep with the lights on, but when you live inside a tiny plastic egg it can be torture! If a Tam doesn't sleep well, it may be irritable when it awakens. As a result, it might not feel like playing and thus not get proper excercise.

We have recently received a very distressing report of a Tam abuser who continually turned their the light on and off while their Tam was sleeping (and sometimes when it was awake, too) ! Based on this report, some therapists predict that the victimized alien is likely to become psychotic or perhaps join a web cult.

Discipline for the Wrong Reasons

It is true that all Tams need to be disciplined sometimes: When they complain without reason for example, or refuse to eat anything except candy. Without discipline, these little aliens can become obstinate, bothersome rug-rats.

However, discipline can be damaging to a young Tam psyche when it is used excessively or without cause.

Disciplining a hungry Tamagotchi, for example, is the worst form of abuse there is. If a young Tam is punished for being hungry, it will be afraid to ask for food: It will become malnurished, angry, stupid and ugly . . . it will eventually leave you.

Punishing a playful Tam? That's just plain mean-spirited.

Not Cleaning Up

A proper Tamagotchi habitat is clean and organized. As the caretaker of your visiting alien friend, it is your responsibility to ensure that bathroom messes are cleaned-up quickly.

When Tamagotchi poop is not cleaned-up, it gives-off an odorless toxic gas. The tiny Tamgotchi eggs are roomy enough most of the time, but there isn't much extra oxygen.

A Tam cramped in their tiny room with a pile of poop will quickly become ill from the toxic Tamagotchi-gas. No guest would take very much of this mistreatment . . . most return to their home planet in a few days.

This article was posted 12 June 1997

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