Fujitsu Interactive Unleashes Digital Doggie Duo Bundle
and Proves Two K-9s Are Better Than One

Nov. 19, 1997
07:03 a.m. Nov 19, 1997 Eastern

K-9 Cyber Companion CD-ROM and Pocket K-9 Hand-Held Electronic Game Provide Plenty of Play, at Home or Away

A furry bundle of digital dogs is ready to romp across home PCs and into people's pockets, just in time for the holidays, thanks to Fujitsu Interactive's latest release, Digital Doggie Duo.

This value packed Virtual Pet combo features the Win '95 CD-ROM "K-9: Cyber Companion" plus a "Pocket K-9 and Friends" hand-held electronic game. The Pocket K-9 and Friends hand held toy features ten different Virtual pets to choose from, while the K-9 CD-ROM lets PC Pet Owners choose from three computer canines.

Make no bones about it, the Digital Doggie Duo is a holiday package that is barking up the right tree, satisfying both CD-ROM and hand-held Virtual Pet fans in one box for the doggone low SRP of $19.95. That's a real doggie treat!

"We've tried to bring the best of two virtual worlds together," said Shigetoshi Akasaki, president of Fujitsu Interactive, Inc. "We lead the pack in innovative desktop virtual pets, and now we've bundled our popular K-9 Cyber Companion with a hand-held pocket pet at a value price -- it's like getting two products for the price of one."

Joseph Morici, VP of sales and marketing adds, "Not only did we enhance our K-9 Cyber Companion by including a hand-held virtual pet, one of the most popular toys of the year, but we think our Pocket K-9 and Friends, with it's ten pets to pick from, is one of the most entertaining and advanced virtual pets of its kind."

K-9 Cyber Companion is a CD-ROM that combines entertainment and practicality. As a virtual pet, each K-9 puppy is a fully functioning A-Life creature. The three breeds of 3D dog, (a poodle, a boxer and a Heinz 57) all grow from pup to adult on the computer desktop. Your four-legged friend can frolic in and out of three high-resolution 3D environments, learning tricks, fetching and bouncing around in a goofy spring-loaded cartoon style.

While it's easy to be entertained just watching rover, the goal is to actually train him with positive reinforcement. Each time the PC pooch learns a new trick -- such as sitting, speaking, heeling and more, he is rewarded with a treat -- a bone. After successfully leading your dog through three levels of obedience training, you are rewarded with a treat -- a personalized Dog Training Certificate, not to mention all the fun along the way.

When left alone, your computer puppy turns into an interactive screen-saver. The digital dog is content to amuse himself by barking at aircraft flying overhead or by scratching and exploring, all the while guarding your monitor until you're ready to invite him to play again -- virtually speaking, that is.

The hand-held Pocket K-9 and Friends is a welcome addition the Digital Doggie Duo bundle. In the best tradition of the wildly popular electronic pocket creatures, Fujitsu's offering features ten different animals to choose from in a single hand-held toy. Feed them, bathe them, and even scoop their poop -- no matter where you are.

System requirements for K-9 Cyber Companion CD-ROM: Windows(R) 95 operating system and Pentium compatible processor (75MHz or faster), 8 MB RAM and 256-color video card. The Digital Doggie Duo is available from Fujitsu Interactive November '97.

Fujitsu Interactive's dedication to creating unique and thought provoking entertainment software continues to be the driving force behind its development efforts. The company's long-term goal is to redefine and transform the computer-user interface enabling users to actually build a relationship with computer characters through Artificial Life technology.

Incorporated in May 1996 and headquartered in San Francisco, Fujitsu Interactive, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, Ltd. .

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