Virtual Pet Instructions

Instructions and manuals for over one hundred virtual pets.

We scanned in the following virtual pet instruction sheets. These documents are copyright by their manufacturers.
We posted them for educational and research purposes. They are large files and may take a few minutes to load.

If you are a manufacturer (current or past) and would like to post instructions here (no charge), please contact us.

Virtual Pet Instructions is a Polson Enterprises web site and part of the Virtual Pet Home Page.

This following instructions are posted on other sites. You may find more than one set of instructions in here for the same pet.

First, a big thanks to Hasbro / Tiger for posting instructions for many of the Giga Pets and Giga Friends! They are one of few or the only manufacturer with their virtual pet instructions still online.

Thanks to for posting instructions for several pets that would be very difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. Thanks to Mystic Fortress for posting instructions online for several pets that were difficult to find in the U.S. Thanks to Glade at the Enchanted Forest for posting many instructions online for several years. They are no longer online. The URLs are listed here for reference
  • Pausing common keychain pets

  • Tamagotchi I Growth Chart

  • Raku Raku Dinokun

  • Cyber Mickey

  • Riko Riko Chan

Thanks to Tamagotchi Square for posting a large collection of translated keychain virtual pet instructions Thanks to Tinkerville for posting several unique virtual pet instructions and for working with some other sites to post them.
  • Hanami a fascinating virtual flower pet, unique body
Thanks to many others for posting various keychain pet instructions

    Several of the robotic virtual pet manuals below are from the web site. Please visit their site for access to countless robotic manuals

    Note- many of the robotic virtual pet manuals are in pdf format. Some are large files and will take a while to download on a dial up connection.

    Downloadable viewer for Adobe Acrobat .pdf documents

    Instruction Comments and Tips

    We have heard from hundreds of virtual pet users who have lost their instructions or never had them to start with. Below are some tips concerning the instructions themselves.

    Tip #1- Many virtual pets are packaged on a plastic wrapped "card" in the stores. The heavy paper card is normally folded over from top to bottom and the instructions are printed on a slip of paper that is between the card halves. We open the packages by using a pair of scissors to cut off the plastic that extends below the bottom edge of the 'card". This allows us to "split apart" the two halves of plastic and get the pet out the bottom. Next, we reach up between the two pieces of the "card" and pull out the instructions. Many, many people have thrown away the card, not realizing the instructions are inside it.

    Tip #2 - Now that you have the instructions, don't expect them to be a great help. Many of the pets have very poor instructions. They have some translation problems, are difficult to follow, some are in a font too small to read or poorly copied and many are incomplete.

    Tip #3 - If you are an adult and a little concerned about "burning your child's ears" you might want to read them first, especially the section about cleaning up after the pet. The instructions for several of the pets primarily used in Japan or early versions instructions for U.S. pets often use the "s" word in refering to body waste.

    Tip #4 If you cannot find your pet in the list of instructions above, find the instructions for a similar pet. Most of the pets are very similar. Look first for a pet by the same manufacturer, if that is not available, look for a similar animal (dog, cat, etc). Those instructions should help you get started.

    Tip #5 Some of the sites and scans of instructions linked to above are a bit hard to read. You might be able to read them better on a larger monitor.

    If the instructions are not here, please do not ask us about them.

    Also if you are a manufacturer, we especially encourage you to post the instructions to your pets.

    If you are aware of any posted instructions for pets that are not listed here, please e-mail us.

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