Giga Farm

One of our young readers, Jenna age 12, supplied this fine Giga Farm review. Thanks Jenna !

Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998
From: Jenny
Subject: GigaFarm Review
Hi! Here is the Giga Farm Review!

Giga Farm Review

The Giga Farm is a truly unique virtual pet! When you first activate your virtual pet, you have to set the time. After doing that, you will be shone a horse, pig, cow, and sheep, and they will all make their own sounds, (oink, moo, baa, etc.) After that, you can either select a horse or pig. The cow and sheep have to be unlocked. To unlock the cow, you type "MILKY WHITE" on the name screen. To unlock the sheep, you type "BAARAMEWE" on the name screen.


Once your animal is 5 years old, you can add a new animal. Horses eat corn and wheat, and so do pigs, and cows and sheep eat corn and grass. Horses are fairly easy to raise, but watch out for the pig! A pig degrades the condition of your field, and you better make sure you have enough food, since they get hungry fast! (See more about food in crops.) Cows and sheep can always just graze on grass, which you have an unlimited amount of since its free and you don't have to plant it. But remember, cows will grow much faster than the other animals if fed properly.


You should plant your crops between 6 and 7 AM. To plant, you press Mode, and keep on pressing until you see an empty field. Then you press Enter and you can choose what you want to plant. You should harvest your crops between 3 and 6 PM. Beans are the easiest to grow, wheat is second, and corn is the hardest. Your animals must have corn or they will starve! When you go to feed your animals, the healthy food will be shone on the left side of the screen. You also have to feed your crops! Water increases the yield, and compost is a treat. Compost also increases the potential of your field. Every time you pick up your animals droppings, it adds to your compost. So you should make sure you don't use to much compost or you may run out! When you start your farm, you have 100 seeds. Every time you feed your animal, it takes 1 seed. It takes 10 seeds to plant a crop. Every time you harvest your crops, you get more seeds. This is why its important to remember to harvest your crops, or you might run out of seeds and your animals will starve!


To play with your animals, it's really simple: You just press the left and right buttons as quick as you can to "power up" your animals and to get your animal through all 3 stages. The horse and sheep walks, runs, and jumps the fence, the pig walks, runs, then jumps in the mud, the cow walks, swishes flies, and lies down.


You can teach your animals tons of tricks! The horse can walk, run, jump, buck, nap, and make noise, the pig can walk, run, take a mud bath, root, nap, and make noise, the cow can walk, swish it's tail, lie down, chew cud, nap, and make noise, and the sheep can walk, run, jump, lie down, nap, and make noise. Then, once your animal does what you want it to do, you reward it!


You can give your animals a bath or clean up their droppings.


You can discipline your animal like any other Giga Pet. The animal will make it "unhappy sound" when you discipline it. All the animals have their "happy" and "unhappy" sounds.


You can take your animals to the vet also like any other Giga Pet. You should take them once a day. When their not sick but you still have to take them, at first they will shake their head no, but if you press enter again they will go. Also, your animals have "healthy" and "unhealthy" sounds.


The score covers age, weight, healthiness, happiness, hunger, and discipline. You can also check to see how your crops are doing.

Night Light

The Night Light is actually quite bright, and is very helpful in the dark.

Voice Activation

The last thing to cover is the Voice Activation. With it turned on, you can discipline your animal if it is making noise, wake it up if it is napping, call your animal back on screen if it walks off, and make your crops grow better while they are feeding.

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