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We have corralled the virtual pets into 3 pastures: Keychain Pets, Computer Pets, and these Physical Pets.

If you are aware of any "Virtual Pets" that are not listed on this site, please drop us a line about them. You can email us by clicking on our mailbox.



Sony Dog / AIBO
Sony's entry into the true vitual pet market. This doglike artificial robot is the latest in virtual pets.

A new fuzzy teachable pet from Tiger Electronics

Pet Rock
A 1975 fad created by California salesman, Gary Dahl. He even had an instruction manual. The "no care needed" pet swept the country. A rock for a pet. What an idea!

The Fish Club Aquarium
Video shows 3-D images of swimming fish in a small aquarium. By Japanese electronic maker, NEC Corp

A glass ball, self contained ecosystem developed by NASA. Shrimp and bacteria utilize external light to form their own closed system.

Rex-10 Barking Dog Alarm
Security device complete with sound and motion detection. Barks to ward off intruders


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