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We have corralled the virtual pets into 3 pastures: Keychain Pets, Physical Pets, and these Computer Pets.

If you are aware of any "Virtual Pets" that are not on this site, please drop us a line about them. You can email us by clicking on our mailbox.

Dogz, Catz, and Oddballz
The Computer Petz line of desktop pets by PF.Magic. They mature and develop personalities based on attention, training,and interaction with their owners


Hybrid dolphin-bird that evolves and adapts to light, sounds, and nurturing inputs. By Japanese company, Fujitsu. Currently still in development.

Super Wan-Chan
Desktop dog pet by Na Software of California.

Norns are raised from eggs and educated by you. Special worlds are provided for them are and there are lots of things for them to learn. Genetic breeding ability is about to exist with this virtual pet.

Interactive Dinosaur Pet
Another, raise from an egg, friend for life. You have a cave and areas to play with him and some toys.

This virtual pet is an aquarium for your computer monitor from 9003inc.

Happy House Virtual Hamster
This virtual hamster pet frolics around your computer monitor.

Pixl-Pal's Pixl-Pet
This is a windows gaming interface that has a virtual pet as one of its games. Can also be a screensaver.

Creature Designer
You design a creature and turn him loose with creatures designed by others. He "phones home" important events via e-mail.

A learning creature that responds to our inputs, similar to how we might respond. Self lives on a web site.

Casio Super Magic Diary
Casio's (PDA) Personal Digital Assistant (Diary) for youth allows you to grow a puppy into a dog.

Mouse Pad Orphans
Adopt a mouse for your pc and visit their shopping mall to equip his home and buy toys for him or her.

Cybercat Sick Cats
Adopt a sick cat and visit a mall to purchase food and other items for them.

A Russian developed virtual fish building program using genetics and sold by Maxis.

Computer Pet for U.S. Robotics Palm Pilot PDA. You feed and nurture it.

Virtual Pet Cemetery
For "virtual burial" of your real pet.

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