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We have corralled the virtual pets into 3 pastures: Computer Pets, Physical Pets, and these Keychain Pets..

Loveable Egg, Tamagocchi, Tamagotchi
An egg shapped electronic bird creature by Japanese toymaker, Bandai Company. It has been made in many many versions.

Giga Pets
Giga Pets by Tiger Electronics are Tamagotchi like pets that you feed and care for. They respond to your care. Digital Doggie, Compu Kitty, Micro Chimp, Bit Critter, Baby T- Rex, Virtual Alien, Komputer Koala (Bear) and Floppy Frog are the current models.

The new "Giga Friends" line includes: Babe the pig, Salem (Sabrina's cat), and the Star Wars characters R2D2, Yoda, and Rancor.

Nano Pets
These pets are "Tamagotchi like" human babys, dogs, and cats.
In November1997 they released Talking Nanos.

MicroPet Puppy
The most realistic shaped keychain pet we have seen. It looks and sounds like a dog.

An 8 in 1 pet that features a pause button and rapid aging.

O&K Industrial Company Pets
This mini-tyranno monster pet comes in clear cases and has an LED night light.

My Beauty Baby
This "human like" keychain pet has improved screen resolution and many new characterics and options.

Rakuraku Dinokun / Dinky Dino
This is a very popular dinosaur virtual pet.

Hoyotan Tamago
a dinosaur "2nd generation" keychain pet

Tamahonam Gangster Pet
This soon to be released seedy character's food selections are cigarettes and beer . He even has a knife for "turf battles."

Yuki Penguin
Yuki, also known as Dinkie Penguin is a fun loving, cute key chain pet that likes cold weather and fish.

Tako Seijin / Virtual Baby Alien
This is no normal baby, its an ALIEN!! He becomes a number of life forms depending upon his diet and how you treat him.

Disney Toy Story Virtual Alien
Three aliens to care for: Alien, Alien Bird, and Alien Dog. The CLAW picks out different "alien winners" of a 15-day vacation in Buzz Lightyear's spaceship.


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