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Welcome to the Virtual Pet Warehouse. We thank the exporters and wholesalers below for their financial support and encourage you to visit their booths frequently. If you are in need of large quantities of virtual pets, this is the place for you!

Attn: Virtual Pet Wholesalers

Our Virtual Pet Home Page is the center of the virtual pet industry. It has been featured in USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, New York Times Cyber edition, Neo-Tokyo Magazine and is linked to by hundreds of other virtual pet sites. Renting a floor of our Virtual Pet Warehouse will allow your company to reach hundreds of companies searching for a supply of virtual pets. Details of the program are available on our Program Page. Sign up today! You will be glad you did!

Legal Disclaimer

Any dealings you have with these suppliers will be between you and them. We only provide them booth space in the warehouse. We do not warranty or service any pets. Polson Enterprises is not liable for any problems resulting from your dealings with these suppliers.

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